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18th March 2016
First Sight of Ship
25th March 2016
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Flying into Bermuda was surreal. The moon was so bright, piercing through the black storm clouds, so ominous, for a moment I thought I saw the face of the devil painted on the clouds, then I realized it was my reflection in the window.

Bermuda is sophisticated and immaculate. The sea is that stunning turquoise, even clearer than Cayman. What a beautiful island. The taxis are very expensive though and I believe the drivers are millionaires or at least they must be. My last driver told me he was running 10 mins late for his tee off time. I shit you not.

I was so motivated this morning that I went for a jog. I needed cardio again. I needed to get my heart rate up and get drenched in sweat, so uncontested I set off. I have these awesome new salomon cross trainers which speak for themselves. I look like a cross fit champ. I have run long distances before, they don’t deter me. I ran 6kms once.

When I reached the concierge desk I stopped and realized this bull shit and had a well deserved rest and called a taxi.image image image  image image

The lordy Lord like on all these islands maintains a significant presence. There are many a beautiful church to see. I merely raise it as a reminder that on Sunday’s and every other day you can get free booze from these places. Only wine though. I have attached some pics for you.

Tomorrow I invade I mean get on the ship. You have to feel sorry for those poor souls. They have no idea.

Ps. My thought for the day. If you want to do something do it tomorrow that way you will always have something to look forward to.


  1. Thomas says:

    Oh my goodness. The enormity of travel has set in.

  2. I have a feeling your blogs will become very addictive! Have fun. You deserve it!x

  3. I think your blogs are going to become very addictive. Have fun – you deserve it!


    Exercise and holiday dont go together…wtf!! Glad you came to your senses….and of course made it across the Bermuda triangle….ah hoy sailor

  5. Ian says:

    You go boy

  6. Ingrid says:

    Michael give up spying and start writing. Happy Easter btw. Hope the vessel isn’t what you hoped it would be. That will serve you well. Xx

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