18th April 2016

Michelin Belcanto

Belcanto the two starred Michelin restaurant is owned and operated by the chef Jose Avillez. He also owns Cantinho Do Avillez, Cafe Lisboa, Mini Bar and […]
15th April 2016

Lisbon Conspiracy & Wong

I have bought 4 umbrellas since I have arrived in Lisbon. Nobody says ” don’t forget your umbrella ” when you leave a place. You see […]
14th April 2016


  You need to understand that Lisbon revolves around one thing. The sardine. If you slip on the sidewalk you need to be careful you don’t […]
13th April 2016

Lisboa Again

I am gonna invade Lisbon today. There are some beautiful girls in Lisbon. I decided to try pick one up so I just winked at the […]
13th April 2016


Lisbon Quite an impressive city with many great traditions and culinary interests like the well known peri peri chicken and espetada also the prawns and other […]
12th April 2016


Azores The Azores are a collection of Portuguese islands with numerous volcanoes one of which could erupt at any moment. They have also experienced one of […]
9th April 2016

Day One

Day One We finally set sail. It was daunting and exciting all at the same time. As we cleared harbor the work began. This is a […]
9th April 2016

Day Two

Day Two Wow. Pitching and rolling I awoke still alive and not sick. I brushed my teeth and had a minute long shower. This is no […]
9th April 2016

Day Three

Day Three Another disease free day thank goodness. Stephan has reappeared but his wife Beate has not. She has been very ill. Some of the other […]
9th April 2016

Day Four

Day Four Wow. That late night duty was amazing. It is 4 hours long with two other crew so you have to keep the ship straight […]
9th April 2016

Day Five

Day Five Wind wind. Yay we are moving now. Pushing 9 knots which is fast for this ship. With speed comes weather, big swells but exciting […]
9th April 2016

Day Six

Day Six My poo is green. I shit you not. That Spaniard chef is trying to poison me with green food. We obviously survived the night. […]
9th April 2016

Day Seven

Day Seven My hair is blowing in the wind. I should have bought a brush and some hair products. I think I am immune to this […]