Day Nine
9th April 2016
Day Seven
9th April 2016
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Day Eight

I think the center for disease control may want to use my blood to create a vaccine for people suffering with this sea plague thing.

We have no wind. Not a good thing at all. We have a backup engine which has now gone into use. We need to catch the wind or we are screwed. The Captain gets weather reports through a fax system. When he finds signal. This provides him with a picture of the high and low pressures in the area. We need to catch a high pressure system or we will hit headwinds and essentially start going in reverse. If we find the high pressure system we can hopefully catch the trade winds that will carry us for days towards the Azores.

Beate still battles along but there has been improvement. Everybody else seems good.

When we find the wind all the sails need to go back up. This could provide some awesome physical challenges which I am already getting lazy with. It’s easy to relax and just dream on this ship.

I stood on the ships cat. His name is shippy. He was pissed. See pics

I miss my favorite child and my babies.image image

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