Day Fifteen
9th April 2016
Day Thirteen
9th April 2016
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Day Fourteen

Another magnificent day in paradise. The most difficult decision I will have to make today is whether to sleep or listen to music.

I am fearless and excited to tackle this beautiful day. And what a beautiful day it is. Not a cloud in the sky and not a breath of wind, all silent except for the purr of my still beating heart. I am gonna kill this day.

I fear our sailing adventure is nearing its end.

You obviously miss home comforts and Burger King but I don’t want this trip to end. It’s surreal and true escapism. We spotted our first Island which feels like a hollow victory. I may never do this again and I have met truly wonderful people from all over the world. The Island is Flores the flower island. Still quite some distance to the Azores to go but not far. Maybe two days or less.

I think most of the guests feel the same as me except for Beate who I am sure is tempted to swim for land already. She actually has been recovering and even had a gin and tonic last night. Stephan and Beate are very nice people but don’t speak English. We get by using hand and mouth gestures.

Maneuvering around this ship outside on deck at night is an interesting skill that requires a certain amount of development. There are no lights on deck. Nothing. So you step out the galley into the darkness of night and walk/stagger down the deck sometimes grabbing on a rope or any fixed or even unfixed structure that can assist. You stumble on having memorized the two steps to get you onto the main deck. Once you have stepped up those two steps and not fallen in the ocean you are close. At this point I always shout out my name to bring my presence of being on deck to the duty crew just so they don’t step on me or knock me overboard. It’s great fun.

We have a small measure of wind so the sails are up and we are gracefully gliding towards our final destination. Have you seen that movie. Shit this ship would make an amazing set for a final destination movie. Gruesome. Just a thought.

Our entertainment rooms at the back of the ship are amazing. See pics.image image


  1. Duncan says:

    An adventure you will never have again enjoy the ride we miss you, not really Duncs x

  2. Llewellyn says:

    Sounds amazing

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