Day Ten
9th April 2016
Day Eight
9th April 2016
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image   Day Nine

Yay. I awoke to find the sails up and the wind tearing into them. Unfortunately literally. Two crew members had to climb to the topsails to repair a split sail. Even the captain spent over an hour stitching the sail. I watched.

I am loving the peace and total lack of pressure. This is a place to go to relax and think. Luckily I am blessed with a colossal mind so I am thinking a lot.

We have seen little life out here. A few birds have popped by. One called a storm petrel and a couple of sheer waters cruised past. I actually thought they were seagulls but Kai pointed out the real facts. A few Dolphins were spotted. A Portuguese man of war also popped by. That’s not a big ship with peri peri chicken and canons it’s a type of blue bottle thing.

Beate still battles on. I am unsure if she can win this war.

I haven’t done anything today, certainly nothing worth mentioning.

The weather is fair but providing a steady wind. We forge on at just under 6 knots.

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