Day Eight
9th April 2016
Day Six
9th April 2016
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Day Seven

My hair is blowing in the wind. I should have bought a brush and some hair products.

I think I am immune to this sea plague.

As I stepped outside this morning the main mast support mizzen rope snapped and various ropes, pulleys and other paraphernalia went flying overhead. Some of it headed straight out into the deep blue sea. This took manpower and time for the crew to fix. I watched.

I read an entire book today whilst the ship rolled all the way from one side to the next. You have to hold on constantly or you will hit the deck or most certainly the things around you will go flying. It’s not ideal but nevertheless expected.

A Turkish container ship altered course to say high and swop horn blasts. We have only seen two ships on this voyage. They were a welcome sight.

Everybody is getting into a routine that suits them. Most read whilst some sleep. I like standing in the bow listening to music. I am starting to learn things from this Spanish chef who has created an interest for me in healthy food. Damn her.

The Captain does the navigation the old way with a sextant measuring the distance between the horizon and the sun on three sides. He then takes the compass and speed readings and is able to determine where we are. I think it’s bullshit. I think he makes it all up and then goes to his cabin and checks his little portable GPS. Sneaky bastard.

This Captain is well known in sailing circles and clearly knows his stuff which certainly makes us all feel a lot safer.

We went to bed with the ship rocking us to sleep.image image

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