Day Seven
9th April 2016
Day Five
9th April 2016
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Day Six

My poo is green. I shit you not. That Spaniard chef is trying to poison me with green food.

We obviously survived the night. In one hour at sea you can have the most magnificent hot weather and then rain and calm seas and then stormy outrageous conditions. It is a bit like my behavior when I am pissed. Speaking of that the answer is No as this is a very chilled drinking ship. Just the odd glass of red wine or a beer nothing too challenging.

I have however been staggering a lot but not from booze. It’s bloody hard to stand anywhere on this ship. You have to hold on all the time. I look like a drunken idiot especially at night staggering around the deck. But I am improving slowly. I have stopped bumping my head thank goodness.

Beate is still battling but showing some signs of improvement. The first mate Lisa and Doc Sanne made a bed for Beate on the deck so she could get some fresh air. All the other passengers seem to be back to normality.

I suspect Guillem the young Spaniard was spawned into a wealthy family which explains his travels which are far more extensive than I believed possible by any individual. He is interesting with a great sense of humor.

Both Lisa the first mate and Mats are career sailors. Mats is 52 and divorced with one son. He explained that his wife eventually gave him an ultimatum to choose between her or sailing so of course he chose the thing he loves most, sailing. Lisa is the backbone to this ship and manages the crew superbly.

I feel strangely drawn to all the personalities on this ship. I think it might be that we all share a common purpose and that is not to explore the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

This morning these silly green aliens came on board and asked me if I would discuss intergalactic peace with them. I told them to fuck off and I hoofed them overboard. See pics.

Our speed has dropped to 4.5 knots in fair to rainy to hot to cold weather. An hour later we hit serious weather and the ship was taking a pounding.

My thought for the day. If you have nothing significant to say then just shut the fuck up.image image imageimage

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