Day Eleven
9th April 2016
Day Nine
9th April 2016
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Day Ten

We are going fast in an incredible wind. Apparently we caught up with a high pressure system and are in the south westerly wind which is like a turbo for a ship. We are doing about 9 knots.

I got up very early to see the sun rise but it was overcast so I watched nothing. This ship is amazing and with it the people. You can literally sit right next to someone and not invade their space. The crew do their jobs and some guests assist when they want to or when the bigger sails are being hoisted. I am not bored and at present can think of nowhere I would rather be right now. I am learning some Spanish recipes which food I am enjoying more with each passing day.

At night whilst lying in your bunk in pitch blackness you can only hear the sounds of the sea and ship. It’s eerie but also comforting. The creaking of the wood with waves splashing the hull and always something rolling from the pitch of the ship. I like it.

I have done so little today that I can’t even remember anything of consequence.

We had a pod of dolphins visit which was great until a bloody dick of a whale nearly took us out but I chased it away with a stun gun. See pics.image image

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