Day Fourteen
9th April 2016
Day Twelve
9th April 2016
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Day Thirteen

I am clearly bored but in a good way. I am loving this journey and despite the boredom I do not want it to end.

I went for my morning swim only to be accosted by this idiot of a seawater crocodile. He nearly bit me but I took a pic and ran faster than an Ostrich on water and I vaulted onto the ships deck. See pic

Other than my Marlin nobody has caught a fish. We have tried all sorts of combinations of lures, weights and other paraphernalia. Sometimes the fish eat our entire trap and other times when you know you have got it wrong they don’t. Thank the Lordy lord that we are not reliant on fishing and also realize that seaman are sailors not fishermen.

The Captain taught us about celestial navigation. I can now officially announce that should anybody need me to navigate anywhere at all I still can’t.

It’s so peaceful and uncomplicated out here. All you see is a wide blue ocean but it’s never the same.

There is another whole new world in this ocean. It makes me believe our current existence is limited to the inside of a bubble. It is however impossible to put a trip like this into perspective.

There is an opportunity for an entrepreneur to open a floating Burger King for travelers such as I to keep in touch with their culinary authority. We are back on the engine because the wind has vanished from whence it came.

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