Day Four
9th April 2016
Day Two
9th April 2016
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Day Three

Another disease free day thank goodness. Stephan has reappeared but his wife Beate has not. She has been very ill. Some of the other passengers are still battling and keeping their heads down.

In order to keep a ship like this moving at a reasonable speed which is 5 knots you need to take down and put up new sails. You need to adjust existing sails and monitor the wind constantly. My morning was exhausting but I am improving slowly. My confidence is also growing so I have signed myself up for the late night crew duty.

I listened to music whilst lying in the jib net which is right at the front of the ship dangling over the ocean. What an awesome place to watch the sea pass.

There is opportunity for silence and gruesome work should you so choose. Nothing is forced upon you and the crew are fantastic. Both Kai and Agata are from Denmark and add massive value and enthusiasm to the crew. Kai is in his late twenties and is working on the ship for no wages just to learn how to sail this beauty. He has been training at all aspects of sailing for seven years. He will most certainly do well at his chosen career. Agata at just 21 is amazing. She has such attention to detail and works hard often putting the boys to shame. She has been sailing most of her life and loves it.

I have bumped my head 4 times today. If it wasn’t for the fact that my hair was growing like Jacks bean stalk I would have far more bruising.

I finally figured out the Bermuda Triangle issue. It is this big bastard shark that eats everything out here. He even eats boats. He is probably the bloke who ate the Malaysian airlines plane. ( bless their souls ). I have attached a pic which is self explanatory.

The wind has virtually died and we are nearly traveling in reverse.

That mainmast still looks high but I am thinking about it now.image image

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    You are too funny man

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