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9th April 2016
13th April 2016
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The Azores are a collection of Portuguese islands with numerous volcanoes one of which could erupt at any moment. They have also experienced one of the biggest earthquakes known to man.

The highlight of the Azores is Peters Cafe Sports which is rated as one of the most well known bars in the world. It has cheap beer and free wifi so all the sailors passing through here visit there.

There is f all to do here. I would describe the main town Horta as desperate. If you want to live here I think the government give you a million euros and a free castle. If I was a Syrian refugee I would look for another option.

I voluntarily walked the plank today as I just wanted to get out of here.

There is no Burger King here.

  1. I bought a new ship and buggered off to Lisbon.image image image image

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  1. michael barker says:

    Hi Michael. I think you have done an amazing job well done.

    The New York Times Team

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