12th April 2016
Lisboa Again
13th April 2016
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Quite an impressive city with many great traditions and culinary interests like the well known peri peri chicken and espetada also the prawns and other Portuguese dishes with ancient secret ingredients. These restaurants are everywhere and inviting. I looked at a few of these establishments and then ate Burger King.

I was offered drugs today just walking down the main drag. At least 6 times. I wanted to beat these people but soon saw their backup in the street so I swore a bit and walked on. I am pretty sure they targeted me for my rugged good looks and long blonde hair. They must have thought I was a hippy or something. Idiots. I was pleased to see that in my room vanity kit I received a very good quality free comb. I will be using this quite extensively from now on.

I walked a lot today probably 2kms and was astounded at the amount of beggars. When I was in London in November the cost to pay a beggar was about 600 rand but luckily if any of you come here it’s only about 180 rand.

I found some big chop sitting on a horse in a massive square. He wasn’t alive thank goodness because some twot had turned him into a statue. Poor guy. Imagine having all that boiling copper and steel being poured over you and your poor horse probably named Lucy dying under you like that.

My thought for the day: Be kind to animals and don’t throw boiling hot steel etc on them. Okimage image image image

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