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13th April 2016
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15th April 2016
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You need to understand that Lisbon revolves around one thing. The sardine. If you slip on the sidewalk you need to be careful you don’t get one up your butthole. They have department stores about half the size of Edgar’s just selling canned sardines. I shit you not.

As a direct result of this I am dedicating my day today to the Portuguese sardine.

Sardines or at least the name seems to be derived from Sardinia. Pilchards are also sardines. There is debate about this but it’s all bullshit. A pilchard is a baby sardine.

I headed for the food market which had no sardines but I found them everywhere else. They are better in season. They are tasty but almost dry. It depends on who and how they are cooked. Lightly salted with olive oil on a grill seems to be the best option. They used to be a staple food source for most Portuguese. I am not sure if South Africa’s sardines are any different other than I suppose our sardines speak English whilst the Portuguese sardines obviously speak Portuguese.

The Portuguese have created a massive lifestyle/industry from one oily small fish. We got more of them, just imagine what we could do.

Sardines are full of omega 3 which I believe is an aphrodisiac or so the Portuguese say. Eating 11 sardines is the equivalent of three viagra which if used would lead to frisky cardio exercise which in turn would stimulate the heart. So omega 3 is good for the heart then.

I found a store whilst dawdling about sardines called 1942 which only sells canned eels no burgers or anything. It’s a huge store with shelves and shelves of the same cans of 1942 eels.

You can buy sardines in all forms, plastic, jewelry, wood, painted etc. if you can imagine it they got it. I am I little concerned at their fixation but we all gotta have something.

My thought for the day. If someone tells you your sardine is too small you must tell them it’s not your sardine it’s a pilchard.

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  1. Sanet says:

    Hope you shared your Portugese sardine with a typical Portugese lass, complete,with hairy armpits and a couple of pet flies.

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