27th May 2016


Fook is everywhere and I mean everywhere in China. Apparently Fook is a very positive word. We know it by another slightly different pronunciation but in […]
25th May 2016


Zombies are real. If you saw my kids you would get it. They are mutant funny looking monsters who choose to be thick without encouragement especially […]
23rd May 2016

Tang Court 3 Michelin stars

This immaculate restaurant has recently earned its 3rd Michelin star. The food is Cantonese with some options for us westerners. It is situated in the renowned […]
19th May 2016

Your first Hit

It could be a right of passage for all assassins. Their first hit. Once this is achieved they may call themselves an assassin however the hit […]
17th May 2016


Do you have a soul? That is the question. We would like to think so but I doubt it. If you misspell the word soul you […]
16th May 2016


Virtually every person in the universe detests violence. Youth and violence are synonymous with each other. They feed off each other. It’s the recklessness and belief […]
15th May 2016


You have to believe you can make a shooting star climb higher than the highest planet, faster than a speed yet to be surmised. Sometimes you […]
9th May 2016


Majestic olde world romance. If you can imagine being in a time machine and rewinding to the 1920’s and appearing in this tiny quite magnificent Cape […]
8th May 2016


Friends are a wonderful necessity. They come in all disguises, fat and thin and young and old. They make you smile. They share your suffering and […]
2nd May 2016


Organization, mayhem and madness. Over a 100 kms from any tar road in the middle of the Karoo they built Tankwa town which is essentially Afrikaburn. […]