9th May 2016
16th May 2016
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You have to believe you can make a shooting star climb higher than the highest planet, faster than a speed yet to be surmised. Sometimes you stumble into it then a stumble becomes a jog and then you sprint, faster than the speed of light.

Love it’s that whimsical madness that concentrates your mind into a whirlpool of only one humans aura. It’s more than magic, it’s a frenzy of passion personified, it’s your all, every emotion you can conceptualize. There are no boundaries to this anomaly of life, it is so unique to encounter that to experience it more than once in a lifetime is effectually insurmountable. Time has no movement. Your watch stops.

When it happens you know and nobody can stop you no matter what the cost. It’s cool, nothing is more desirable. You smile, It’s the biggest smile you can contemplate, the most powerful one. One touch is like a thousand fingers. To adore and be adored, who could ask for more. You are consumed. Lightening and rainbows dart all around in a flash of a moment. Wow wow wow.



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