15th May 2016
17th May 2016
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Virtually every person in the universe detests violence. Youth and violence are synonymous with each other. They feed off each other. It’s the recklessness and belief that being bulletproof is possible. I believe some people are destined to follow this path for many reasons often known only to them.

Once you commit violence and realize you have a talent for it, you want to do it again. You become fearless and lack the belief that consequences could exist. It’s like anything if you like it you practice and improve, it becomes part of your life. You only have your own conscience to control your violence. It’s powerful and gives you a sense of importance which you perceive to be positive but in fact is so negative it’s off the charts. You yearn for it. It makes you feel powerful and totally in control. Animal instincts are rife. The adrenaline surge is insurmountable.

The key is not to start in the first place. It is a little like a drug. Your conscience grows with age and the control to avoid the violence is now realistic and possible. Being able to stop a difficult situation with violence makes you feel worthwhile and can justify the knowledge but only just. The memories stay and linger, both the “good” violence and bad.

The difficulty is control and once that’s mastered the violence can be channeled in the correct direction at the appropriate times. Total control by violence is best left to those with the proper training and conscience.




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