16th May 2016
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19th May 2016
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Do you have a soul? That is the question.

We would like to think so but I doubt it. If you misspell the word soul you get sole which is a fish, quite a tasty one but the only way this could have any bearing on your soul is if you eat a rotten one and die from fish poisoning cause then you could have a closer look for your soul.

Sole is also a part of your foot, which is not interesting and a waste of time to discuss any further.

Asshole is also very similar to soul. You could say ” asssoul “. It means your soul is an ass. Which only really applies if you have a soul.

Soul mates are bullshit or so I believe at the moment. I tried and that failed. I tried other similar things and they failed. I believe my soul mate is a unicorn.

Soul music is cool but has fuck all to do with your soul should it exist. However some soul singers are so bad you would wish you were once again dying expediently and looking for your soul.

And then we also have soul food which is synonymous with soul music lovers. It’s delicious but need I say again that the only way this is going to get you closer to your soul is if somehow you die eating the soul food then you could launch another expedition to hunt for your soul.

Clearly the key to finding your soul is to die.

I haven’t really been looking for my soul because I am alive. Only dead people know if you have a soul. All the dead people I have met just seem dead to me and they have never mentioned whether they have a soul or not.


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