25th May 2016
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Fook is everywhere and I mean everywhere in China. Apparently Fook is a very positive word. We know it by another slightly different pronunciation but in reality it is mostly positive to everyone doing it.

There are a lot of people in China so I guess there has been a lot of Fooking going on. Please remember that Fook does not mean rubbing wee’s. In Chinese Fook means luck. So you would be Fooky to be Fooked.

Fook you, is not positive at all because it means the bad version and the only time you will hear “Fook you” is if you have done something Fooken wrong or somebody is inebriated and is trying to use the bad word but is just not getting it right.

Fook you, Fook you, means you are trying to say the bad word twice to emphasize a negative point. Fook you, a thousand times, is also not positive it’s pretty negative and poor form. It is clear from these examples that should you use them you have issues that should be remedied Fooking soon.

If you go around saying “Fook you” to everybody you are not going to be Fooky. So Fook you. Maybe you could also Fook off as well, you Fook.

To be Fooked is quite good though, well depending on whether it’s the rubbing wee’s version or the Fooken version. No matter how you use the word its aggressive in a good and bad way. If you say ” I gonna Fook you up ” its aggressive. If you say I wanna Fook you its probably insensitive or sexy depending on who and how you emphasize it.

For the Chinese it’s all positive and so good Fook to them.


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