27th May 2016
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I recently travelled to New York and lurked around some interesting bars. I was sipping on a Bud and chilling when I noticed a chap arrive at a table and just wait. He waited for quite awhile until a mate appeared. The smile on this guy’s face was priceless. These guys were certainly foreigners and had just arrived in the big apple. As his other mates arrived and connected from foreign lands these guys were visibly the happiest guys in the world. You would think they had just won the lottery.

I love seeing the smiles on the faces of tourists that have just arrived in a special city and are consuming their first beers in a bar they have just discovered with their mates. It’s happiness personified. I have done this, more than once, ok maybe more than that.

You feel invincible and courageous. You believe that at that moment the world just exists for you and your mates. No other place exists other than the particular square meter you are all standing on. You at that moment do not want to be anywhere else in the world. It’s better than kissing Jennifer Aniston (maybe) not.

You see, nobody knows you, nor will they remember you so your behavior which you believe is impeccable is totally irrelevant and in fact already inferior.

Anyone seen the hangover. Well, that first night quickly goes from a light beer to the consumption of a large quantity of tequila and jägermeisters which just add to the euphoria. The more you consume the more exultant you become and so the cycle continues. The stupidity commences.

Laws and civil society are dispensable. You have your own way. Your mojo along with your mates just own this place. You are royalty and you think every girl in the room thinks you are all brilliantly handsome and superman like.

Nothing can stop you not even Burger King.

“Another 4 Jägermeisters please”

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