27th May 2016
12th June 2016
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Zika is a miserable specimen of a virus. It is a fail in terms of world killers. Oscar pistorius has killed more people than Zika.

Zika has no pedigree as a real threat to humanity. Zika receives more headlines than a real mass murdering bastard called Ebola. Now he is a knob a real knob and he kills with impunity.

Zika is transmitted by a mosquito called the Aedes mosquito. This is the same bastard that distributed Dengue which was quite a successful killer and still kills thousands of people each year.

Only one in four people infected with Zika even display symptoms. If you get Ebola you know it and you bleed through a lot of your orifices and you are most likely going to meet your soul.

This is such crap. Our little Anopheles female bitch mosquito kills a million people a year. But this is Africa so nobody gives a continent(al). You see the only continent that matters to the chops in the great USA who have all the cash to make a difference is the Americas who are a little worried about the little wop Zika. This wop is also a sexy transmitted disease delivery system. If you rub wees in South America you could get Zika. At least it’s not Ebola or Malaria. Luckily neither of these is sexually transmitted. Well I suppose Ebola is because if you just wink at somebody with Ebola your bottie could bleed.

Malaria wins the Olympic gold. Zika does not even come 3rd in a heat.

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