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20th June 2016
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16th July 2016
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The quest to find Aliens living amongst us is evolving as more obvious leads come to light. Having met a lot of Chinese people I have come to realize that they are so different from us (westerners) that it is not possible that we are the same species. I am deeply suspicious.

They think differently, eat different food and they look different. They eat intestines and worship different gods. They have customs that we cannot contemplate. They are divergent. Han Chinese are the largest ethnic group within China and Chinese people make up more than 25% of the worlds population. Who are these people? That is the question.

Jacob Zuma also raises some serious flags. He is clearly also not the same species and is in fact all on his own as a peculiar unique thingie. He could be the first of his own special race to descend on Earth to try and fuck everything up.

I am also deeply suspicious of Donald Trump and I keep expecting to hear that his spaceship has landed.

There has been a lot of talk about aliens living amongst us. There have also been some plausible movies like the X Files and “Invasion of the body snatchers” also the more credible trilogy of “Alien” movies which reflects obvious concerns as to the health and safety of all earthlings and my dogs.

ET was obviously bullshit so I am not talking about make believe bullshit only realistic alien concerns. Aliens do worry me and they are bloody ugly. Except in Star Wars which has some hot ones and some rather interesting things that I would rather not meet. I would like to meet Yoda though as he looks like a good guy.

I mean, who has met a hot alien. Look some of the girls I have dated could well have been alien and they were hot. Just as well I didn’t have alien kiddies with these specimens. I of course cannot be alien as I am totally normal. Clearly

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