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27th June 2016
The Art of War by Sun Tzu, modernized by Michael Barker
16th July 2016
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A ducks best form is as a Peking duck on a little pancake. Duck liver pate is also quite spectacular.

I killed a duck. The birdie thingie jumped in front of my golf ball that I had hit rather hard along the ground in the perfect direction. The Duck had no Chance. I got a birdie! Well a duckie. I murdered a duck. I feel bad about it because once I had confirmed that it was in fact dead which was after I hit it again with my nine iron, as it was moving around a bit, it’s entire extended family arrived and started throwing a wake right next to me. They all glared at me. They were nasty to me. I at this juncture was trying to remove myself from the murder scene before the four ball behind us stumbled upon the crime scene.

I am still traumatized and a little disappointed by this murder as I could not eat the bloody duck. I got robbed of its carcass. I had no chance to dispose of the thing at all. I couldn’t even sneak a bit of liver for a little starter before dinner. What a waste of a murder.


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