The Art of War by Sun Tzu, modernized by Michael Barker
16th July 2016
2nd August 2016
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What a stalwart of the World. A winner in all forms. Gracious and humble and often just taken for granted. Sitting under one of these large beasts is a pleasure to remember and quietly share a moment with an amazing natural artwork. The Tree shares its energy with all who choose to grasp it. It is ageless and can reach all over, consuming all around it. It’s benefit to the world is miraculous.

To sit in its shade is a joy, as you feel it moving with you, swaying in the wind or dripping raindrops off its soft sheltering leaves.  We cannot possibly contemplate the life a Tree lives. It is remarkable as to what it must have seen and heard from all the life around it. It sustains life as we know it and outlasts all our lifetimes. It sees our growth and lives through our disasters and celebrations. It is virtually eternal, the wisest, quietest and most formidable thing.

It witnesses children being born and brings a smile and a promise of a life to be lived bereft of our failures and with only hope in its heart. It has to be the most positive form of life that we can just sit and be with and rely on for so many things. It’s resilience is masterful and magical. Roots are key and reach down deep and strong, they maintain the beasts strength and metabolism.

Just go and sit on a bench under a tree and close your eyes for a few moments and appreciate the wonder.

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