30th July 2016
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30th September 2016
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Why is the word moist so disturbing to so many people. We all know that moist means clammy or humid. Moist is an extremely useful word used by billions of people everyday. About 26 million people a day use the word moist to describe or discuss rainy days. Another 74 million people use the word moist to point out that it is not moist and that it is dry.

Another 100 million slightly older set of individuals do utilize the word moist to describe the condition of a cake. They like it slightly moist.

The other 1.8 billion people use the word moist in conjunction with sexual intercourse or otherwise known as rubbing wees.

There is however another occasion that moist is prolific. I have personally seen men doing this whilst driving their cars at high speeds, even sometimes when they are chatting to their possibly moist wives. They pick their nose. I shit you not they do. It is sometimes so moist they can’t flick it out the window. It is moister than an oyster. At this point the most obvious scenario is to eat it.

The moral of this story is that when you find something moist then just eat it.


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