A real crash
18th October 2016
One Life Many Choices
15th May 2017


The life and chatter. The smiles on the faces of every client that appears. The cogs of this bar are just beginning to move. This is a happy place. The propensity for humans to find happiness is astonishing.

The foods aromas. It’s engaging like nowhere else. Awesome people. Flickering candles and dim light. It’s the quiet before the storm and you can watch it build to a crescendo.

The manager watching from the corner stroking her pregnant stomach with an expectation that only a mother can understand. The boredom of waiters and waitresses wondering when the next client will walk in.

The smell from the spices the mixologist uses to craft his masterpieces. I can smell lemongrass and cinnamon with a waft of the Far East. The energy. The passionate movements of the chefs virtually hidden behind a hot small feisty kitchen. The two man band that just know they are turning the tide of a war yet to be won. Great sounds.

The young barmen and waiters swiping their hair back in readiness for their expected clientele. The laughter is infectious. The staff love each other. The enthusiasm for life, wow. Playing tricks with each other and giggling like the youngsters we want to pretend to be. The willingness to please. As it gets busier more mixologists appear and it’s a wonder to watch the care and enthusiasm of these young talented individuals. Chairs start scraping as patrons arrive. The bar comes alive.

The taste of a Margarita made with thought and a potion that just begs for more.

Sit at the bar.







  1. Nikki says:

    Jews Michael I’m impressed not one swear word and well written 😘

  2. Reona says:

    Love it. Keep the stories coming.

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