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20th July 2017
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11th February 2018
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In response to criticism of South Africa I responded.

We are positive people and will always flourish, we shall never surrender because we cherish this land and its way of life.

We shall forever protect and support this magnificent land. Not because we have to but because it’s our home and wish to keep it and forever enjoy the suns awakening over this beautiful place.

We have treasures here that are irreplaceable and some wonders of this earth that we hold dear to our lives. We enjoy and protect these things.

The mood is concerning but not endearing or insurmountable and the stars and galaxies that appear at nightfall surpass all expectations and provide hope with a smile and hint of positivity.

We love this place. We were born here, raised here and have lived our special memories in this place. Our friends and family provide support just as yours do.

Our lives may seem harder to you but it doesn’t feel that way to us. People smile and get closer and more entrenched with each other every day.

South Africans have a bond like no other nation because we have fought so hard and lost so much and bonded in such a short amount of time that we are closer for it. We all work at it. It kinda just works.

In time this will be a great nation like no other. We are not leaving but rather improving our lives right were we are and making subtle changes that are sometimes necessary in times of growth.

This nations people never say die, they make the best of their opportunities and work hard sometimes for little but if you look carefully even the most desperate people here have a happiness and humor that is reflected in their gratefulness.

Come here and you will see.

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  1. Rich Mac says:

    Really cool and enjoyable reading.

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