31st December 2019


I was in Bali and I was bored so I went to Borneo. I always wanted to go to Borneo. Ok well not but it was […]
30th July 2019


Life’s about choices. Every one of them has existential consequences. What are we looking for? What do we want out of life? How long have we […]
9th December 2018

Rorke’s Drift

  Many a time it is said (by me for the first time) that honor surrounds a battlefield and that men rise tall to the challenge […]
31st October 2018

My Bee

  Today is a day like no other. I don’t know why but it feels that way. Perhaps it was the way the bee was flying […]
26th May 2018

Dar es Salaam

I wandered down the cobbled and broken Dar es Salaam streets with confidence because that’s how you do it if you are a foreigner and streetwise […]
21st February 2018

Istanbul The Real Story

  I spent 5 days in Istanbul as a single traveler just visiting and experiencing the city. It is romantic and interesting and I can definitely […]
11th February 2018

The Universe

How beautiful are the stars. It is with regret that I write this. A hundred years ago nobody contemplated flying to the moon. In 20 years […]
29th July 2017

South Africa

In response to criticism of South Africa I responded. We are positive people and will always flourish, we shall never surrender because we cherish this land […]
20th July 2017

Don Quixote

  For those who don’t know, a very interesting Spaniard by the name of Miguel Cervantes wrote this book in the years 1603 and 1604. The […]
15th July 2017

Brilliant business ideas

  A Woolie business You only need a small truck, 2 labourers and 4 very fast knitters. You see you just need to drive around the […]
13th July 2017


Smiling really does make the world go round. We need to smile and smile a lot. People who smile are better looking than those that don’t. […]
3rd July 2017


Hippos The Zambezi Hippo council have placed a kill on sight warrant for me. You see I know this because they have attempted to get this […]
15th June 2017

My Day

It was early. The air was thick with mist and the smell of remorse as I took off in my small Cessna. My head hurt and […]