2nd August 2016


Why is the word moist so disturbing to so many people. We all know that moist means clammy or humid. Moist is an extremely useful word […]
30th July 2016


What a stalwart of the World. A winner in all forms. Gracious and humble and often just taken for granted. Sitting under one of these large […]
16th July 2016

The Art of War by Sun Tzu, modernized by Michael Barker

Sun Tzu wrote the Art of War in the 5th century BC and its teachings as adapted by me very much apply to a lot of […]
30th June 2016

Dead Duck

A ducks best form is as a Peking duck on a little pancake. Duck liver pate is also quite spectacular. I killed a duck. The birdie […]
27th June 2016

Aliens amongst us

The quest to find Aliens living amongst us is evolving as more obvious leads come to light. Having met a lot of Chinese people I have […]
20th June 2016

Flying to the moon on my hot air balloon

I have often looked up at the moon and wondered what the best way of getting there would be. What an extraordinary journey it must be. […]
12th June 2016


I love Mondays. What an incredible day. You see it’s the start of another amazing week. We spend our weekends planning for these awe inspiring motivational […]
5th June 2016

Zika vs Malaria

Zika is a miserable specimen of a virus. It is a fail in terms of world killers. Oscar pistorius has killed more people than Zika. Zika […]
2nd June 2016

Mates in New York

I recently travelled to New York and lurked around some interesting bars. I was sipping on a Bud and chilling when I noticed a chap arrive […]
27th May 2016


Fook is everywhere and I mean everywhere in China. Apparently Fook is a very positive word. We know it by another slightly different pronunciation but in […]
25th May 2016


Zombies are real. If you saw my kids you would get it. They are mutant funny looking monsters who choose to be thick without encouragement especially […]
24th May 2016

China Industrial Cities

Before I am rude and try to be funny about other people and cultures I would like to point out the following. My expectations about China […]
23rd May 2016

Tang Court 3 Michelin stars

This immaculate restaurant has recently earned its 3rd Michelin star. The food is Cantonese with some options for us westerners. It is situated in the renowned […]